£400 boiler scrappage with British Gas

Boiler packing in, fuel bills getting higher, these are all signs of your boiler starting to go off the boiler, so to speak.

Good news, British gas are offering a £400 scrappage discount when you replace your boiler with a new high efficiency one and you can even pay up in installments!


To find out more you can visit this page for more info http://www.britishgas.co.uk/products-and-services/boilers-and-central-heating/new-boilers/latest-offers.html and, as always read the small print etc.


Cool Plumbing Video

Trawling youtube I found this cool video of a plumber promoting themselves. I though it was pretty cool so I am going to post it here.

If you have found any cool videos of plumbers using their savvy to promote themselves lmk and I’ll place them up on the site as well.

Perforated Pipe Emergency Repair Kit

Should you find yourself in a bind due to a perforated pipe, this neat little piece of kit may well prove it’s self very useful. Designed to offer a temp repair until you can fix the problem permanently yourself or need to call in a plumber. If you intend doing any pipe work it may well be worth investing in one.



Joining Copper Pipes

If you are re-routing any plumbing pipes,for example moving your bath or sink to another location you will need to re-route your pipework.This isn’t a difficult job , however some commonsense always comes in handy. ALWAYS know where your water shut off valve is and , of course , turn the water off when you are removing taps, baths etc . Once you have turned the water off let the taps run to remove as much water as possible , also bear in mind the hot water may be on a different feed which may need isolated separately, sometimes you will realize you have another feed which you were unaware of, you’ll discover this when you turn the taps on and water just keeps coming out. The point being do not take anything for granted!

A written guide for joining copper pipes wouldn’t be very easy to follow, especially if you are new to plumbing so we have kindly found a great video which will walk you through the process. Once done turn the water on gradually and check for leaks. Do not attempt any piping work which involves any main feed entering your home, this is a job for professional plumbers only. The pressure in the mains feed is often very high, not something you want to play with. Also the mains feed shut off may not be located in your home but outside it and usually requires a special tool to shut it off. So you have been warned, do not mess about with mains pipes!


Ok back to the video……………………. enjoy!

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

CO awareness week runs from the 19th to the 23rd of November this year. It’s a sad fact carbon monoxide poisoning kills over 40 people a year.Yet this figure can be greatly reduced by fitting a simple £25 carbon monoxide alarm.Carbon monoxide is an odourless and tasteless gas which is virtually undetectable without a carbon monoxide alarm. 1000’s of people are admitted to A & E wards across the country with carbon monoxide poisoning every year.

If your home has a gas , solid fuel or oil appliance you should buy a carbon monoxide detector,it is really that simple. So what are the symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning :

These are the common symptoms

  1. headaches
  2. dizziness
  3. nausea
  4. breathlessness
  5. collapse
  6. loss of consciousness

These can easily be mistaken for other illnesses such as flu. Effectively these symptoms are the way your bodies immune system fights viral infections so it is very difficult to understand what is causing them. You can now see how important it is to fit a carbon monoxide detector. Do not use the brown patch carbon monoxide detectors, although cheaper these detectors do not sound an alarm when the co2 level becomes dangerous so should you be sleeping and co2 levels become dangerously high you will not be alerted.

Gas appliances can become faulty due to wear of components tell tale signs are orange flames on gas appliances such as cookers and fires.Your boiler gas light may keep extinguishing. The simplest way to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning is to fit a carbon monoxide detector.Many people probably suffer milder effects of co2 poisoning without even realizing it.


For around £20 -25 you can get peace of mind, we’d say that is a small price to pay for something that has the potential to save your life.

Finding Local Plumbers

Our aim is to help you complete the easier plumbing jobs such as changing taps, installing a bath and other simpler plumbing work. However there will come a time when you need a professional plumber.If , for example, we stayed in Chelsea and were looking local Chelsea plumbers how would be go about doing that?


Well the first port of call would be friends and family , in other words , word of mouth. This is always the preferred method for finding any tradesmen, whenever possible. Failing that you can use search engines such as google and you would enter the search term in the search box, in the case “Chelsea plumbers” , this will bring up a list of plumbers in the Chelsea area. You might want to seek out some reviews or start calling some plumbers to get some prices. Reputable plumbers will have a website of some sort, if you get a flyer through the door but there is no reference to a website, be careful.This is not to say they are not reputable but a vast majority of legitimate businesses will ,by now have a website.

Prices will vary, and you’re looking to find the average price.Some will be cheaper others more expensive.Do not be afraid to ask questions, you want to make sure they know their profession well. By law, anyone fitting a gas appliance must be gas safe registered. You can visit gas safe register site and check their membership number to ensure they are genuinely approved to fit gas appliances.Do little searching online to see if you can find any reviews from previous customers of the companies you are calling.Simply search the business names and see what comes up.It is not foolproof but can give you a rough guide on their workmanship if you find any reviews.

Of course availability may be an issue if the job is urgent but many plumbers will be booked up so it is wise to pre-plan any plumbing work so you can book a plumber in well in adavnce.Of emergencies such as a leak, cal your home insurance company, ho sould be able to provide an emergency pluber quickly.

Some useful alternative plumbing tools

Many plumbing tools are specialised , for basic jobs such as changing tap washers, and taps themselves the average diy’er will have the necessary tools such as spanners and screw drivers,however for more in depth plumbing jobs specialist tools are needed.

If you are re routing some pipework, a pipe bending tool will be required

pipe bending tool


These tools are essential in bending copper piping  without damaging the pipe itself.Pipe benders like this are available from around £32 right up to £600+ , depending on your needs.The cheaper pipe benders will be suitable for most diy pipework jobs.


Pipe freezing kits, yes so often the cause of leaks ,a pipe freezing kit is designed to stop the flow of water for emergency repairs such as when a pipe has accidentally been damaged ,perhaps by a nail or similar object.

pipe freezing kit


These kits freeze the pipe, thus freezing the water flow allowing for permanent repairs or the arrival of a professional plumber to sort the issue.Typicaly a pipe freezing kit will last around 30 minutes.


Another useful tool is a toilet seat fitting tool.We all know how fiddly fitting a toilet seat properly can be.Well there is a tool designed to make the job alot easier and cleaner,enter the toilet seat fitting tool…

toilet seat installation tool


This tool makes light work of changing or adjusting any toilet seat.No more struggling,lying on the floor trying to access the wingnuts,this nifty tool takes care of the job nicely.