Some useful alternative plumbing tools

Many plumbing tools are specialised , for basic jobs such as changing tap washers, and taps themselves the average diy’er will have the necessary tools such as spanners and screw drivers,however for more in depth plumbing jobs specialist tools are needed.

If you are re routing some pipework, a pipe bending tool will be required

pipe bending tool


These tools are essential in bending copper piping  without damaging the pipe itself.Pipe benders like this are available from around £32 right up to £600+ , depending on your needs.The cheaper pipe benders will be suitable for most diy pipework jobs.


Pipe freezing kits, yes so often the cause of leaks ,a pipe freezing kit is designed to stop the flow of water for emergency repairs such as when a pipe has accidentally been damaged ,perhaps by a nail or similar object.

pipe freezing kit


These kits freeze the pipe, thus freezing the water flow allowing for permanent repairs or the arrival of a professional plumber to sort the issue.Typicaly a pipe freezing kit will last around 30 minutes.


Another useful tool is a toilet seat fitting tool.We all know how fiddly fitting a toilet seat properly can be.Well there is a tool designed to make the job alot easier and cleaner,enter the toilet seat fitting tool…

toilet seat installation tool


This tool makes light work of changing or adjusting any toilet seat.No more struggling,lying on the floor trying to access the wingnuts,this nifty tool takes care of the job nicely.


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